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Parent involvement is a key to a student's success. QuickSchools Parent Portal tab allows administrators to grant access to parents so they may login to the portal and see information relevant to their child's educational experience in the school. What information parents are able to see and edit is determined by the school administrator. Depending on which features are enabled, the school and teachers can inform the parents about the following:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Student details and contact and info
  • Student Attendance
  • Subject Enrollment Info
  • Current Grades (from the Gradebook) and Report Cards
  • Disciplinary Incidents
  • Homework Assignments
  • Outstanding/Unpaid Fees and other charges

In this document, we'll go over the following:
I.   Activating the Parent Portal Feature
II.  Explaining the Dashboard
III. Inviting Parents


Activating the Parent Portal Feature

Each school can make the decision whether or not to allow parents into the portal. The parent portal must be turned on by the administrator of the school. You can activate the parent portal by clicking SETTINGS > TURN FEATURES ON/OFF in the menu at the top of the screen.

To turn on the feature, place a check mark in the box on the Parent Portal line. A new tab will appear on top called Parent Portal.

Next, click on the "Configure" link next to the checkbox to customize your parent portal. In this configuration window, you can set what parents can do via parent portal and decide who can invite parents and who can run reports.


The following describes the behavior if the following options are checked:

  • “Parents are restricted to only their own info, not other parents” - a parent will see only his/her info under Personal Information tab
  • “Parents can edit their own information” - allows parent to edit his/her own information under Parent Information tab
  • “Parents can send messages to teachers using QuickSchools” - allows parents to send messages to teachers via Private Messaging
  • "Parents can only send messages to teachers of their enrolled child." - if the above setting is enabled, parents can then be allowed to only message teachers assigned to subjects their child is enrolled to
  • “Parents can send messages to other parents using QuickSchools” - parents can send messages to other parents via Private Messaging
  • “Hide Homeroom Info from Parent Portal” - removes homeroom information from the student profile
  • “Parent can upload Student Profile picture” - parent can upload his/her child's profile picture via the student profile

To add users who can invite parents, click inside the invitation box. A list of names will appear. Click on the name you want to add and it will be placed in the box. To remove a name, simply click on the X next to the name. Do the same to add users who can run reports.

Additionally, parents can be given access to the Documents tab from the student profile where they can view, download, and upload necessary documents that the school requires.

When all changes have been made, click the Save button.

Explaining the Dashboard

When you click on the Parent Portal tab, you are taken to the dashboard which is an overview of the parent portal. On the left, there are two links that tell you how many parents are registered, how many have been invited, and how many have not been invited. On the right is the parent message board. Here you can put in a message that will display to parents as soon as they log in. Also note that there is a link to attach photos or files to the message. In the middle of the page is a how-to video for parent portal.

Note: you can navigate between the Dashboard and Invite by clicking on the links in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Inviting Parents

To protect privacy, each parent must be invited individually to participate. This ensures that each parent can be given a unique login and password in order to access their child's information. The system is designed so that the administrator is able to set up the email invitation once and automatically generate a customized email for each parent. The parent will then click on a link in their email to gain access to the portal.

How to invite parents

To invite parents, click on the Start Inviting Parents Now! button on the dashboard. A list of parents is displayed with a student listed in the first column and their parent listed in the second column. Note: You can sort your parent data by clicking on the Invited/Not invited/All parents links or you can sort by last name by clicking on the "Student" title at the top of the list. You can also search for a specific parent by typing their last name in the "Search" box.

If there is no email address listed for the parent, click on the Set email address and invite! link next to their name. Simply put in the correct information and click on "Save" or "Save and invite" if you want to send the invitation right away.

If there is no parent listed for the child, click on the Add Parent link in the parent column. Simply put in the correct information and click on "Add" or "Add and invite" if you want to send the invitation right away.

You can invite parents individually or select many at time. If they have already been invited, their invite button changes to "reinvite." If for some reason you need to reinvite them, click on the reinvite button and an email will automatically be sent to them.

To invite multiple parents at one time, select the checkbox next to their name. Once you have selected all the parents, click on the Invite Selected Emails button at the bottom of the list. Hint: If you have a lot of parents to invite, click on the Select/Unselect All button at the top of the list. All parents will be selected. If you need to remove some parents from the list just click on the checkbox next to their name and it will remove the checkmark.

Customizing the invitation

To customize the invitation, click on Want to customize the invitation email? Click here link.

The default email template will then appear with 3 sections:

  1. Section 1 is the beginning of the email and is editable text. You can change any of this information to customize your message.
  2. Section 2 consists of system generated login information you cannot change.
  3. The 3rd section is the salutation of the email which is editable text.

Once you have made your changes, hit Save.

How to un-invite parents

If for some reason you need to remove the login privileges for a parent, simply click on the Revoke login link next to the parent's email. A pop-up box will appear asking you to verify your request.


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