/ Sign-Out App

For schools that prefer a sign-in / sign-out sheet to take attendance; or for those who need a sign-in / sign-out sheet for day care or an after school program, QuickSchools has an app designed to help track this information:


The app works pretty simple. You can enable the Sign-In Sheet for specific teachers. Then, use the student selector to sign students in. When a student leaves for the day, click on the “Sign-Out” button to remove the student from the list:

When you sign a student in, you can add remarks. 


Students can sign in for themselves via their Student Portal accounts using a unique system generated PIN:

There’s also a “History” page to view all sign-in records, manually sign in students and add manual hours:

Parents can also sign-in and sign out for their children, for more information, click here.

Please feel free to suggest on improvements to the app. We look forward to your comments.




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