Taking Attendance

Teachers take attendance by logging into Quickschools and clicking the Take Attendance button under Attendance tab. Attendance is automatically saved as the teacher marks the attendance status (i.e. no need to click any button to save the attendance taken).

Attendance is taken depending on your attendance setting. These are the 3 types of attendance that we support:


Taking Homeroom attendance

Taking Homeroom attendance is pretty much on the fly. You’ll be able to take attendance right after you have configured the first 2 modules: Students and Teachers. This is provided that you have specified the Grade Level and Homeroom Teacher of the students.

To take Homeroom attendance, teachers simply need to log in to Quickschools and click the Take Attendance button under Attendance > Homeroom Attendance tab.

Taking Subject-based attendance

With subject-based attendance, setting up the first 3 modules is a prerequisite. And you’d have to set up subject-based attendance before the teachers can take attendance. Please click here for instruction in setting up subject-based attendance.

To take Subject-based attendance, go to Attendance > Subject Attendance tab then click the Take Attendance button.

Taking Period-based attendance

Taking Period-based attendance is similar to Subject-based attendance, except that it’s taken under Homeroom Attendance. For more info on Period-based attendance, click here.

To take Period-based attendance, go to Attendance > Homeroom Attendance tab then click the Take Attendance button for each period.

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