Selecting Report Cards

First, check to see which type of report card (here End-of-Term Report Card) and for which term (here 2012/2013, Current Semester) the report cards are being listed. This information is located directly below the large red Report Cards header on the left side of the page, and may be changed by clicking on the Change link that appears directly to the right of the report card type.

The status line indicating whether or not report cards are locked and read-only appears directly below the bolded type of report card listed at the top of the page. If the status is not indicated, the report cards are editable. This status may only be changed by users with privileges enabling them to have access to managing report cards through the Setup Report Cards.

Clicking on the Change link will bring up a Select Report Session popup box containing a list of all archived course terms, organized chronologically by date of creation:

The session currently selected is indicated by the presence of the italicized phrase (Currently viewing this session) in the Report Session Name column of the popup box. To change this to a different report session, just click anywhere on the desired row. The pop up boox will automatically close and the report card session name will change on the Report Cards tab. The session name also appears on the Subject-based tab and Setup Report Cards tab.


To edit previous terms report cards, see How To Unlock Report Cards.



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