Sending Email from Report Creator

Quickschools allows designated users to send email to recipients based on a report generated by Report Creator. For example, you want to know which students has 3 or more tardy and notify their parents about this because 3 tardies are equivalent to 1 absent.

To do this, you will first create a report that shows students with tardies, then email their parents via Report Creator’s email functionality.

Note: Report Creator app must be installed in your account to support this feature. Also, this email feature is not enabled by default, please email us at so we can enable it for your account.

Step 1: Create a report

Step 2: Send email to parents


Create the Report

Create a report that contains students with 3 or more tardies for the semester.

1. Go to Reports > Report Creator > click Create New Report button > enter report name:

2. Select these modules to report on: Students, Parents, Attendance:

3. Select the fields you need for the report, which are listed below:

      • Student name
      • Student’s Grade (optional)
      • Parent name
      • Email
      • Date Range
      • Number of Tardy in Range

Click Done to generate the report. The report will initially look like this:

4. Apply the following filters:

    • Date range: enter the date range for the attendance data that you need
    • Number of Tardy in Range: set this to show only those with more than 3 tardy

Click Run to update the report then click Save. Now you’re all set to send email to parents.

Send Email to Parents

Next step is to email the parents in the generated report. In this example, there are 3 parents that you need to email to inform them about their child’s tardies that are equivalent to absent/s.

5. Click the Email button at the top of the report, then click either the “Compose New Email” button or “Manage Email Templates” button to write the email.

Choose “Compose New Email” to write an email for one-time use. Choose “Manage Email Templates” if you think you need to re-use the email later on for the same purpose or other similar emails.

For this example, we’ll choose “Manage Email Templates” so you can re-use the email template in the future.

6. Click the Add Email Template button, write the email, then click Save:

Note: Click the “Insert Field” link to insert report fields in the email:

7. The email template will appear in the list of templates; click Send Now to send the email to the 3 parents:

After clicking Send, the Status will show “Sent”.

You may also check the Email History to confirm if the emails were sent: open the report > click the Email button > click “See Email History” button. You’ll see the email logs as shown below:

Report Creator is a flexible reporting tool that allows you to extract data from the various modules that you use within QuickSchools. So you can create reports for other purpose and send email to specific users (i.e. parents, students, or teachers) listed in the report. To mention a few reports that can be generated to send notification to parents:

  • Students with more than X disciplinary incidents
  • Students who were absent for more than X days
  • Parents with outstanding balances in the Fee Tracking module

Quickschools also supports scheduled emails. It’s basically the same process, but you can schedule the sending of email. Emails can be sent once or repeatedly (base on the schedule you set). For more info on schedule emails, click here.




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