Homeroom Attendance Seating Chart App

This app is an optional addition to the Attendance module where you can take attendance for your homeroom students based on their classroom seating arrangement.

This can be downloaded on the App Store for an additional of $20 on top of your monthly bill.

As a first time user, you’ll need to initially setup the room arrangement. On the Homeroom Attendance tab, click on the Seating Chart button. You will then be directed to the Seating Chart screen.

Click on the student names, door, desk and whiteboard then drag and drop the boxes to arrange them based on your actual classroom setup. It is best to add profile pictures of your students in their records to make it easier in taking attendance. We support bulk uploading of photos via Dropbox.

This is how it should look like:

The status will depend on the default attendance set under Attendance Settings. You can then change the attendance by clicking on the attendance status below the student’s profile picture. Remember to click the Save button once you’ve finalized the classroom arrangement.

Once done, the Homeroom attendance roster will be updated.

The next time you take attendance using the seating chart, you no longer need to arrange the seating plan again.

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