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Quickschools allows you to import subject enrollment of students, facilitating the import of other data like grades. This is especially helpful if you are transitioning to Quickschools and you need to input historical grades and generate transcripts. 

Importing subject enrollment is a 2-step process:

To enable the feature, go to SETTINGS > Turn Features On/Off > click Configure across Report Cards/Gradebook. Check “Enable Subject & Subject Enrollment Import” to enable the feature:

The “Import Subjects” and “Import Enrollments” buttons will now appear under Subjects > Global Subject Setup tab:


Before you can import subject enrollment, you have to import the subjects first by clicking the “Import Subjects” button.These are the fields that should be contained in your file:


  • Teachers should be already added in the system before you import subjects
  • Use the Semester Name if you are importing subjects for a previous or a non-active semester.

For detailed instructions in importing subjects, click here.



Now you can import the subjects that each student takes. You need the following fields to import subject enrollment:


  • Students, teachers, and subjects should have already been added to the system before you import subject enrollments
  • Use the Student ID field for (1) cases where the student names are very long and the system might get confused mapping the enrollment; (2) if the student names in the system and in your file don’t exactly match. Student ID takes precedence over Student Name.
  • Use the Semester Name if you are importing enrollment to a previous or a non-active semester.
  • You can use Subject List instead of Subject Name/Abbreviation where you can list the student’s subjects in one row. See below for more information.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that one subject is listed per row. You use the Subject Name/Abbreviation column for that import. Another way to import subject enrollment is using Subject List instead of Subject Name/Abbreviation. The Subject List column allows you to put all the students’ subjects in a single row, separated by colon:

You can use either subject name or subject abbreviation in the list.

Important: In Subject List, we recommend using dash instead of space in your subject names (e.g. "Math-A" instead of "Math A") if you have more than one instance of a subject in a grade level. This is to avoid incorrect mapping of subject enrollment.

Once you’re done with subject enrollment, you may proceed to importing of grades into the system. See this article for instruction: Gradebook Import

You can download sample template of the import files below:
Import Subjects Template
Import Subject Enrollment Template



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