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The steps below show how to import Final Grade into multiple gradebooks in QuickschoolsThe Final Grades automatically appear in the student report card and transcript. This procedure is especially helpful for schools who need to enter historical grades.
These steps are actually similar to the normal gradebook import procedure, there are just changes in the import file and in the mapping.

Prepare Import File
Before you can import, first you need to prepare the import file. It should have the following columns:

  • Student Name
  • Column / Assignment Name
  • Column / Assignment Date
  • Marks
  • Total Marks Possible
  • Subject Name / Subject Code
  • Grade Level / Class Name
  • Semester Name (optional, you only need this if importing to a non-active semester)
  • Final Grade

Click here to download a sample of the import file.

Import Final Grades

  1. Go to Gradebook tab and click the Import button
  2. Browse for the excel file then map the fields accordingly

3. Click the “Import Data” button to initiate the import.

Confirm Import
Run a report to review the imported grades. Go to Reports tab and search for “gradebook”, this will show you the different reports you can run to confirm the import.

These are some of the reports you can run:

  • Gradebook Data by Student (Concise version)
  • Gradebook Marks Only
  • Gradebook Marks and Grades

Few important notes:

  • Make sure that the rows in the file are sorted by Subject Name or Subject Code
  • Grading scale in the gradebooks should be properly set before the import.
  • We recommend using the Subject Code/Abbreviation in the import file (and just map it to Subject Name. This is to avoid erroneous import if you have subjects with similar or “almost” similar subject name.
  • You can only import Final Grades into gradebooks who don’t have a Final Grade column yet (that is, there's no formula column where in the 'Is final grade' is checked). If there’s an existing Final Grade in a gradebook, you have to disable or remove it before you can import Final Grade columns.
  • This tool only imports numeric grade marks. This does not apply on subjects that use subject criteria to grade students. The letter grade will automatically appear based on the grading scale that was set in the gradebook.

If you need to import assignments, quizzes, etc. in your gradebook, please check out this article: Gradebook Import



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