Online Forms Importer

General Information

You can now import submissions into an Online Form packet.


This feature is still in beta so please email us at or contact us via chat support if you need access to it.

When enabled, each form packet will have an “Import” button:


There is no standard format for this importer, since each form contains its own set of fields. The excel file should be a flat file, with each submission being a single row.

Importing Data

1. Click on the “Import” button for the corresponding form packet and, on the following screen, click “Choose a file” to browse for your excel file. 


2. With the file uploaded, you can now map the fields from the file to those in the Quickschools form. When mapping, the system will display the form name followed by the field name. For similarly named fields, be sure to have the correct form mapped.


3. When all fields are mapped, click the “Import Data” button at the bottom of the table.


4. After a successful import, the submissions will now be available with a “In Progress” status.


Special Notes

  • Submitter Name and Submitter Email are not required, but highly recommended.
  • Submissions are Identified on the main listing by the Submitter Name.
  • The same Submitter Name and Submitter Email can be used for different submissions.
  • Fields within a form must have unique names. Fields can share a name if they are stored in a separate form within a packet.
  • For drop down fields, the data in your file should preferably match those configured for the drop down. However, the system will still import the data if it does not match.
  • For checkboxes, the data in your file should be an exact match as the options that are configured (by default, “Yes” and “No”).

Once submissions are imported, you may want to consider inviting users to supplement the information within the form, by sending out an invitation to complete the submission online. This feature is discussed in the Inviting Users to Complete Online Forms article.




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