Importing Course Requests

You can import course requests into Quickschools Master Scheduler. Please send an email to if you need access to this tool.

The steps below show how you can import student course requests into Quickschools:

1. Go to Master Scheduler > Course Requests tab > click the Import button:

2. Browse for the import file and then map the fields accordingly:

Please note that the import file can contain as few as 2 fields: Student Number and Course Code. We recommend using these 2 fields to avoid incorrect imports that can be possibly caused by students with the same name or courses with identical Course Name (e.g. English for Grade 11 and 12 may be named as “English” while their course code are ENG 11 and ENG 12).

3. Click the Import button to initiate the import. You’ll see a notification that import is successful:

4. Confirm the import by checking the list of course requests under Master Scheduler > Course Requests tab:

These are the supported fields when importing course requests:

  • Student ID / Student Number
  • Fullname
  • Course Code
  • Course Name

To download a sample of the import file, click here.



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