Master Scheduler Manual

The Master Scheduler app has many useful features that you can use to set up the Master Schedule for your school. Below are some of these functions along with instructions on how to set each of them up.

Set up "District Settings"

This article explains how to get started with the Master Scheduler app by configuring your district settings.


Configuring Enrollment Period & Bell Schedule

This article describes how to add and configure your new enrollment period. Includes information on how to add semesters to your enrollment period and how to add your Bell Schedule.


Step 1 of Master Scheduler

Import settings from previous semester

If you have set up a Master Schedule in QuickSchools from a previous enrollment period, this feature that allows you to copy over the settings in a previous enrollment period into your new enrollment period.


Configure Courses & Teachers   

This article explains how to Configure Teachers who will teach during the enrollment period and how to set up your Course Offering that contains courses that will be offered during the enrollment period.

Step 2 of Master Scheduler

Course Requests Manual

This manual goes over everything that involves course requests. Includes information on setting up Course Request Templates, Submitting Course Requests for Students, Bulk Course Requests, Mass Changing Course Requests, etc.


Step 3 of Master Scheduler

Input Constraints 

[Coming Soon]


Step 4 of Master Scheduler

Using the Schedule Board

QuickSchools Schedule Board has quite a few different settings that you can use to configure your schedule, this article describes what each of the settings is used for.


Block Sections

This article describes how to set up Block/Cohort Scheduling.


Step 5 of Master Scheduler

Step 5: Load Students

This article describes how to load students into sections. This is where you get to check how well is the fit between the course requests submitted and the Master Schedule you designed.


Step 6 of Master Scheduler

Finalizing your Schedule

Here is a quick summary of what happens when you run Step 6 of the Master Scheduler


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