How to Collect Fees from Admissions

You can collect fees via Admissions module’s Application Form. This is supported using the public form instead of the embedded form.

Prerequisite: Online Payments feature should be enabled inyour account.

The steps below will guide you to set up your Application Form to collect fees.

  1. Go to Admissions > Applications tab
  2. Click the “Add Student Application” button
  3. Enter the student name and click Save
  4. Click the student you just added that’s now in the list:
  5.  Click the Customize link at the top right corner of the page:
  6. Scroll down to the ‘Collect Fees’ section and check ‘Enable Fee Payments’:admissions6.jpg
    Note: The ‘Enable Fee Payments’ option will collect payment from the applicant upon the completion of the application form. The ‘Enable Fees billed to Fee Tracking’ won’t collect payment from the applicant, but it will add a charge for the student that will be listed under Fee Tracking.
  7. Enter ‘Fee Payment Instructions’ then click the ‘Add Fee’ buttonadmissions7.jpg
  8. Enter the details for the fee that you want to collect, then click the ‘Add’ button:admissions8.jpg
  9. Now click ‘Save’ to close the “Edit Public Form Settings” window:
    Note that the fees you’ve configured will apply to all application forms that are yet to be submitted.
  10. Click the “Send Invitation” button to send the application form link to a parent or student.admissions10.jpg

    The recipient will receive an email that contains the link to the application form:


The application form that you sent to the parent/student will contain the Fees that they need to pay. Since you have marked the fee as mandatory, the parent won’t be able to submit the application form without making a payment. It will appear like this:





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