QuickSchools Getting Started Guide (Part 2)

This article will help you get started with Quickschools by laying out the common modules used within QuickSchools. Please read Part 1 of the QuickSchools Getting Started Guide, if you haven’t done so already.

Here are some of the common tasks that teachers and staff can start working on as you begin using more and more of the QuickSchools service:


Entering Grades in the Gradebook

Teachers may start entering grades in Quickschools once you have set up the subjects and the student enrollment to these subjects. To enter grades, the teacher simply needs to log in to Quickschools, select subject under Gradebook tab, then add columns to start adding grades. For instruction in adding columns, click here.

The Final Grade in each gradebook automatically appears in the Report Card. Make sure each gradebook has a Final Grade formula column to make sure that grades will appear in the student’s report card. Click here for instruction to add a formula to the gradebook.


Taking Attendance

Teachers take attendance by logging into Quickschools and clicking the Take Attendance button under Attendance tab. Attendance is automatically saved as the teacher marks the attendance status (i.e. no need to click any button to save the attendance taken).

Click here for instruction in taking attendance.


Generating Report Cards

When gearing towards the end of the quarter, it’s time to start preparing the Report Cards. Report Cards are automatically populated based on the grades you have entered in the Gradebook. Specifically, the Final Grade in each gradebook are the grades that appear in the report card.

The Attendance data are also automatically populated based on the attendance taken by the teachers for the semester. Comments are directly entered into report cards.

Once the teachers are done entering Gradebook grades for the quarter, please review the report cards to ensure that no data is missing. If the report cards look good, you may go ahead and lock the report cards. Locking the report cards will publish the grades to the parent and student portals. Please click here on how to lock report cards.

See Report Cards Guide for more info about report cards module.


Creating Schedule

This module allows you to create student schedule for your entire school for the current semester. Please click here on how to set it up. Once Schedule is set up, teachers, students, and parents will be able to see this when they log in to Quickschools.

The Scheduling module is included in our Athena Plan; if you’re in Apollo Plan and wants to use this module, please send us an email at We can enable the module for you for a fixed monthly add-on charge.



Homework feature offers teachers and school administrators a convenient and simple way to post assigned homework that is accessible to both students and parents. See Managing Homeworks for more info.


Class Discussions

Class Discussions allows teachers and students to post blogs, presentations, or announcements related to their class. See Ways To Use Class Discussion for more info about Class Discussions.



The Disciplinary Incidents feature enables teachers and administrators to easily document and track student disciplinary issues. The incident report form enables teachers and administrators to include detailed information including student name, incident, response, demerit points, and action taken. See Discipline for more info.


Fee Tracking

Fee Tracking enables you to manage student fees and payments and allows you to keep an up-to-date record for all fees and charges that students owe. See Fee Tracking for more info.


Student Portal

If you need students to have access to Quickschools, simply invite them via Student Portal. This allows students to log in to Quickschools to access their grades, homework, schedule, etc. See Managing Student Portal for more info.


What’s Next

When your grading period is about to end, you’d need to prepare for the next semester. The checklist below will help you identify if you’re ready for the next semester:

  • Teachers have completed entering Gradebook grades for current semester
  • Teachers are done taking attendance for current semester
  • No pending tasks on all the other modules

Once you’re done with the items listed above, you’re all set to move to the next semester. Note that you can migrate to the next semester even if your teachers are still working on the current semester’s report cards.

Click here for instructions on how to create a new quarter/semester. Once you’re done, the teachers may then start entering attendance, grades, homework, etc. for new semester.

You might have questions in mind, please check out our FAQs or feel free to chat with us!



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