Course Requests Manual

QuickSchools Master Scheduler app gives you have the ability to handle student course requests in different ways. Below is a list of different functions that you can use to set up and submit course requests along with a link to instructions on each function.

Submitting Course Requests For Students

Teachers/counselors have the ability to submit Course Requests on behalf of students in QuickSchools, this article explains how to do so.


Bulk Course Requests

The Bulk Course Requests function is used when you have a course packet that contains multiple courses. It gives you the ability to select a report that identifies certain types of students and then bulk set course requests for the students in the report.


Mass Change Course Requests

Mass Change Course Requests is used when a site determines that they will be replacing one course with another AFTER course requests have been submitted. This function will replace the old course requests with requests for the replacement course.


Configure Course Request Templates

In order for students to submit their own course requests online via the Student Portal Course Request Templates must be configured. Course Request Templates allow you to control what courses students will be able to submit requests for in the portal.


Activating/Deactivating Course Requests in Student Portal

Before students can submit course requests online you must activate the Course Requests tab in the Student Portal. 


Submitting Course Requests from the Student Portal

Here is an article for staff that gives a quick run through of the process students must go through when submitting course requests. 


Submitting Course Requests - Instructions for Students

Instructions for students detailing the online course request submission process.

Course Requests Tally Reports

This article explains how the Tally Reports found under Step 2 of the Master Scheduling process work and what they are commonly used for


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