Online Forms: Finding Reference Numbers

The Reference Number can be enabled for Public URL Online Forms where submitters can access the online form without a parent or student portal login account. This is usually for online registration of new students.

In cases where a submitter needs to go back and finish the saved online form but forgets the reference number, School Admins or personnel with Online Forms configuration access can find the number by following the instructions below:

  1. On the Online Forms tab > click the View Submissions button of the form packetView_Submissions.png
  2. Click the “In Progress” tab above > search for the student name
  3. Open the form > click the Email buttonEmail_button.png
  4. Click “Compose New Email”. If you already have an existing email template with reference numbers, enter the email template name from the field provided or select the Manage Email Templates button. For detailed instructions, check out our article on Online Forms Email Templates.
  5. The Email box will pop up. Click the “Insert Field” link and search for the Submission Reference number. Insert_field.png
  6. When selected, the Submission Reference Number will appear on the Email message field.

You can directly send emails straight from this page, just insert additional fields such as Submitter Email, Submitter Name and compose a new message as illustrated below:


Users can now retrieve and submit the Online Form by entering the submitter’s email and 4-digit reference number on the Retrieve Submission pop-up box.


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