Report Cards Module Admin Guide

The Report Cards module offers school administrators and teachers a convenient, centralized way to activate report cards and make them available to students and parents.

Report Cards are automatically populated based on the grades you have entered in the Gradebook. Specifically, the Final Grade in each gradebook is the grade that appears on the report card.

Activating and Configuring Report Cards Feature

To enable the Report Cards module: click SETTINGS > Turn Features On/Off > check Report Cards/Gradebook.

Click the Configure link next to the checkbox to set up Report Card privileges for your school. The popup box allows you to designate who in your school may configure report cards, submit grades on behalf of others, and print report cards:

After clicking Save, the Report Cards tab will then appear on top as one of your tabs.

Report Cards Tab

The Report Cards tab contains the list of all students in the school. From this page, you can do the following:

  • View, edit, and download report cards
  • Activate and deactivate report cards
  • Search for a specific student or a subset of students
  • Bulk printing, downloading, activating/deactivating of report cards

Viewing, Editing, and Downloading Report Cards

To view a report card, simply click on the student’s name and his/her report card will be loaded:

If the status of the report cards for that term is not locked and read-only, you may edit the attendance, marks, grade, and comment fields. Click Preview to see the PDF version of the report card, or click Download to save a copy of it.

Downloading Multiple Report Cards

To download report cards of multiple students, simply check the name of the students, click the top left corner of the table and click DOWNLOAD:

You may do the same procedure to bulk print report cards and to activate/deactivate multiple report cards at once.

Activating and Deactivating Report Cards

Deactivating report cards means the report cards will not be visible in either the parent portal or the student portal. By default, all report cards are activated and available for parents and students when locked.

Search Feature

The search feature may be used to select a student record or subset of student records for which you would like to see report cards. You may search using the name of the student, or by grade level by entering the numerical grade in the search box.


Subject-Based Tab

The second tab on the Report Cards main page is the Subject-Based tab, which can be used by administrators or teachers to review, edit, and enter grades by subject. This is especially useful for subjects in which there were no Gradebook entries or when final grades could not be automatically assessed using conventional Gradebook formulas.

Before entering grades and comments, make sure that the correct term is selected, then select the teacher and the subject from the list.

You may change the display to maximize the Subject-Based Grading window on your screen by clicking on the Maximize icon, which appears between the red Save button and the Search box at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Existing marks and grades will automatically appear for any student whose grades have been entered into the Gradebook for the course. It is easy to make changes to the Marks, Grade, and Comments fields by simply clicking on the relevant cell you wish to change, as shown in this sample:

The record will automatically indicate a manual change to a student's grade with a red dashed line appearing in the Grade box under the new grade. Best practice is to include a comment of explanation as to why the change to the final grade has been made. When you have finished editing the grade records for the course, click on the Save button.

Setup Report Cards

The Setup Report Cards tab is where you will be able to set which term of report cards you wish to work on, create a new report cycle, manage report cards to set as editable or locked, and configure the look of your report cards.

Change: allows you to select a different report card session. If you need to work on previous semester’s report card, click this link.

Create New: allows you to create a new report card session, which is something you need to do every semester. Click here for instructions to create new report cards.

Manage: allows you to edit/delete report card sessions, configure report card sequence, lock/unlock report cards, and clear locked values.

Changing Template

Click the Change Template link to select a different report card template. Click here for instructions. Please note that some templates are single term, while others are multiple terms; select one that suits your needs.

Depending on the template you choose, you’ll be able to configure how your report card will look through its settings. Check the boxes for the sections/fields that you want to appear in the report card, as shown in this example of the Hot Safari template:

Customizing Template

Clicking on Customize Template will bring you to the Edit Report Card Template screen, where you will be able to modify and customize your report card template according to which fields you have enabled for editing using the checkboxes on the main Setup Report Card tab, as described above.

It allows you to edit captions and labels in the template like changing the “Student Name” field into “Student”. The changes you make here will be reflected to all student report cards.

Adding Templates for Multiple Grade Levels

If you require different templates for different grade levels in your school, click the Add Another Template for Different Grade Levels button at the bottom of the Setup Report Card tab.

Select the template you want, then enter the grade levels associated with the template:

Toggling On Subject-Specific Criteria Setup

At the very bottom of the Setup Report Cards tab is a message asking whether you need to configure subject-specific criteria for your report cards. To enable this you must toggle the Setup Subject-Specific Criteria tab on by clicking on the link shown here:

This will add a fourth tab to your Report Cards module.

Setup Subject-Specific Criteria

If you need to display grading criteria that is subject-specific, you can set this up so that only students enrolled in particular subjects display that criteria on their report cards. First, make sure that the Setup Subject-Specific Criteria tab is enabled and appears on your Report Card module. If it does not, you must toggle it on at the bottom of the Setup Report Cards tab, as described above in Toggling On Subject-Specific Criteria Setup.

To use Subject-Specific Criteria:

  1. Create a subject Template
  2. Assign the template to subject/s

Create a Subject Template

Click the Add Subject Template button to start creating a template:

Enter the template name then add criteria using one of the buttons above (i.e. Add Field, Add Drop Down, etc.). The example below shows drop-down criteria. The Alternative Subject Section Name is optional.

Click Ok to save the template; what you created will now appear in the templates list:

Assign Template to Subject/s

To assign the created template to a subject, go to Assign Templates To Subjects section and select the template from the list:

On the student report card, the criteria will look like this:

For more info on Subject-Specific Criteria, click here.

Important Notes:

  • Attendance in the Report Card is automatically populated based on the attendance taken by the teachers during the grading period.
  • Once teachers are done working on the report cards (i.e. entering comments, subject-specific criteria grades, etc.), the school admin can then lock the report cards. It is recommended to lock finalized report cards so that teachers will no longer be able to make changes unless they seek permission from the school admin. Locking Report Cards publishes the report to the parent portal and student portal.
  • Once you move to a new semester, you have to create a new report card session. Click here for instructions.
  • Creating a new report card session automatically locks the current report card you’re working on. If you need to leave the current session open (that is, if teachers are still entering comments), please send us an email request at so we can enable that option for you.
  • Students must have a grade level in order to appear on the Report Cards list.

Please chat with us if you have questions. We'd be glad to help!


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