Collecting Fees Via Online Forms

When using the Online Forms App, you have the option to collect payments for fees. Setting this up allows parents to pay for fees online when filling out a submission. You also have the ability to add fees to the Fee Tracking module, so that payments automatically get added to the student/parent fee tracking account.

Collecting Fees

To find the collect Fees setting go to the Online Forms tab and click “Configure Form Packet” next to the form packet you are working on. You will find “Collect Fees” under the Form Packet Settings

You have two options: 

1) Parents/students can pay directly via Credit Card

2) Parents/students can be billed via Fee Tracking


Parents/students can pay directly via Credit Card

To collect Fee Payments with submissions, select only the first option:

This is especially useful for forms that use public URL, where submitters do not have an existing Quickschools login via parent or student portal.

Setup the fee collection

Once you select the options, you will see the “Fee Setup” section will appear (it will appear under the Work Flow section). Here you can add Fees and payment instructions:

Click on “Add Fee” to add a fee, you must choose a category, enter fee name, amount, and default quantity. You can also give submitters the option to select the number of items they can purchase (leave unchecked if they can only purchase one) and you can also set whether the fee is mandatory or not:

NOTE: If you are not seeing any options appearing when you click “Category” you must go to the Fee Tracking menu and open the “Category Setup” tab in order to add options.

When parents fill out the form in the portal, instead of seeing a “Submit” button they will see a “Next Step: Pay Fees” button:

Parents have the ability to add quantity and see the total amount to be paid.

Click the Pay button, enter credit card details on the pop-up screen:

After adding payment, this will reflect on the Online Payments tab under Fee Tracking (Stripe should be set up on your account).

Parents/students can be billed via Fee Tracking

This is only applicable for Enrollment/Registration Forms and the One Form Per Child option should be turned on.

On the Collect Fees section, both options Enable Fee Payments and Enable Fees billed to Fee Tracking should be selected.

Setup the fees by following the same instructions as above.

Submitters have the ability to add quantity and see the total amount to be paid.

After clicking Confirm Fees button, they should see a pop-up screen for login. Just leave it as is and click Login.

Submitters can review the Fee Tracking Details at the bottom of the form which is only for viewing purposes, they won’t be able to edit the quantity afterward. To review, click Cancel and click View Details. To finalize the form, click Final Step: Submit and confirm submission.

In order for the bill to reflect in fee tracking, you’ll need to enroll the student by clicking View Submissions > open the form > click Enroll Student button.

The fee will now be added as a charge to the student’s billing details.

Feel free to chat with us if you need assistance.



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